Just a few of the cameras I’ve used over the past 50 years


So how did this working class kid get into photography?

The creative journey began when I inherited my Dad’s ancient Ross Ensign rangefinder film camera. When a close friend introduced me to film making, it inspired me to enrol on a three year course at Birmingham’s School of Photography as a mature student. However, film production wasn’t for me and was dropped in favour of still-photography.

Graduating from college in 1975, I found work as a photo-journalist on the bizarrely named “Kidderminster Shuttle”, a local paper in the English town of the same name. It was a little after starting that I exhibited a series of photographs at the Ludlow Festival, based around the vintage book “Around About The Crooked Steeple” by Simon Evans. A fascinating story that can be read here.

Some four years later I relocated to Ireland to join fellow ex-college alumni, Jaimie Blandford in Slidefile, a Dublin based advertising, industrial and commercial photography studio.

The business gradually changed into Ireland’s first stock picture agency, read about it’s metamorphosis here. Agencies are only as good as the images they hold, so apart from co-directing, I retained the role of picture editor, and continued shooting for the agency. Following significant changes in the industry, however, Slidefile closed and I left for the tranquillity of the County Waterford coast, where I ran a smaller niche agency called The Irish Image Collection for a few years.

But nothing lasts and with the introduction of the internet, the “one man agency” became extinct and I returned to freelance photography for a number of clients, chiefly Tourism Ireland. Then around 2007, I saw a niche to teach digital photography and established Copper Coast Workshops in my loft studio. I began to write illustrated stories for Irish magazines like “Ireland of the Welcomes” and the “Irish Garden”. There’s a short one about County Waterford written for Irish Central here.

Gradually age caught up with us, old bones needed some heat and so my wife and I migrated to Frigiliana, an ancient Moorish Village on the Andalucian coast. And it’s here, over the last 6 years I’ve had the opportunity to work on the books and photography that have been sitting on my to-do list for a long time…

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