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You can read about my work as a photographer and author via the tabs above, where there are links to other pages of interest. There are photography-tutorials for novices, those halcyon days running a photo agency, and stories about the books I’ve published. If you just want to look at photographs, then please head over Renaissance Resurrected, my blog where there are close to 100 diverse images waiting for you; a carefully edited archive of seascapes, landscapes, street work, nature or minimalism, mostly shot in Ireland, Spain, France or the UK along with a very occasional Italian image.

My approach has always been one of eclecticism, rather than one of predictability, I like the idea of someone delving into the blog without knowing quite what to expect. The common factor is that my photographs are shot to evoke an impression, rather than a precise record of a scene at a specific moment. I prefer to recreate the mood or ambience that was evident to me when I shot the image : to paraphrase Ansel Adams “it’s about ‘making’ rather than ‘taking’ photographs”.

So, professional photographers, novice amateurs, or the merely curious, I hope the collection ticks a few of your boxes.


Three images of the Spanish coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. All change in the latter half of next month. Watch this space…