The aim of Renaissance, my art- photography blog is to capture an evocative or atmospheric impression. Capturing a precise record of a scene as it existed at a specific moment in time is not a priority; to paraphrase Ansel Adams “it’s about ‘making’ rather than ‘taking’ photographs”.

There’s a completely different approach to “Flights of Fantasy”, my latest book that finally took off and landed in the bookshops at the beginning of the year. Stories from World War One, World War Two and the years of peace between, are packed with sketches and watercolours created by my father, photographs and oodles of memories. It’s already had excellent reviews from readers‚Ķ

“I’m really not into anything to do with wars…but the illustrations in this book pulled me in and then I couldn’t stop reading…it’s a lovely read and George Snr was obviously a very talented artist. I’m glad George Jr put it all together for the rest of us to enjoy – Jenny”

A brief synopsis…

Flights of Fantasy is written in the format of a dramatised story from the perspective of the author’s father (also called George) as he tells his tale of living through the first half of the twentieth century. A life bookended by two World Wars, it begins with an idyllic childhood in the fishing port of Ramsgate, soon to be interrupted by the subsequent impact of World War One. George’s relocation to city life in Liverpool and the enjoyment of inter-war peace. Then more war in which he faces the horrors of the Blitz during the Second World War followed by a few years of postwar tranquility. It’s a remarkable story.

The genesis of “Flights of Fantasy” is also a pretty remarkable story too and can be read here. The book is available from your local bookshop or online via the button links below.

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