…to my website and blog, ‘Renaissance Resurrected’, being a resurrection of the blog I began in 2008 and brought to a close on moving to Spain in 2014: it’s nice to be back!

The key to exploration is easily accomplished by clicking on the tabs above, where there’s chapter and verse about my work as photographer and writer. My approach to blogging images is one of eclecticism, rather than predictability, because the idea of delving into the blog without quite knowing what to expect appeals.

If there is a common factor, it’s simply that my photographs are shot to evoke an impression, not a precise record of a scene at a specific moment. I prefer to recreate the mood or ambience evident to me when I shot the image : to paraphrase Ansel Adams “it’s about ‘making’ rather than ‘taking’ photographs”.

There’s a series of tutorials for improving photographic skills, accessible via the photography tab, but in reality it’s a matter of taking one step at a time…

Staircase in Comares; Malaga Province; Andalucia; Spain
Steps near Ballynacourty Lighthouse, County Waterford, Ireland
Timber steps on Torroz Costa Beach, Andalucia, Spain