A working class kid with dreams, I still wonder how the hell I got here…

Whatever, it’s been a  life of creative challenges, from mastering a range of photographic genres to writing.

It wasn’t about making money, getting famous, or making friends. It’s about enriching my life and hopefully the lives of those looking at my photography and/or reading my books. It’s about showing my enthusiasm for landscape, especially in Ireland. And in the case of my second book, “Flights of Fantasy” to recall and remember the lives and bravery of ordinary people through the first half of the 20th Century.

There’s an esoteric range of subjects to be found via the tabs above. Topics like how I got into photography; my photographic galleries; how I got into writing and the books I’ve published. And for novice photographers, my photographic tutorials.

I’m supposedly retired, but my passion and enthusiasm for the creative arts remains undiminished, confirming perhaps the old adage that “photographers never die, we just go out of focus”.

Enjoy it all and thank you for your visit…

Header Image 8: Super moon and walkers on Bear Island, County Cork, Ireland

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