It’s nice to have a break !

From posting images everyday on LinkedIn, I’ve relaxed into just three per week on the platform. And for a little while I’m just posting one image per weekend to Renaissance, my resurrected blog. It’s not necessary to check for new posts because if you’re a follower, you’ll get an email advising that a new post has been made. For folk who are already following however, and any future followers, thank you, it really is greatly appreciated.

Renaissance has close to 100 images featuring Spain, Ireland, France and the UK posted, in which my approach has been one of eclecticism, rather than one of predictability. The one common factor as that my photographs are shot to create an evocative impression, rather than a precise record of a scene at a specific moment – I’ll leave that to documentary photographers. I prefer to add the mood, feeling or ambience that was evident to me as I shot the image : to paraphrase Ansel Adams “it’s about ‘making’ rather than ‘taking’ photographs”.

Ten poles on a stormy beach

Copies of my book, “Flights of Fantasy”, packed with stories, sketches and watercolours, photographs and oodles of memories from the two World Wars and the years of peace, between is still available. It’s had excellent reviews from readers…

“…immerse yourself in this truly historical memoir ..the illustrations are so personal and are original. So much attention to detail that you can almost be transported back to that time. A great read for me…”

The story of “Flights of Fantasy” and its genesis can be read here.

The book is available from your local bookshop or online via the button links below.

Revelations about County Waterford on the next page…