and thank you for entering the portal and splashing down on my website, a blend of photography, art and writing.

And not forgetting my blog, ‘Renaissance’, about which a few words. My approach to images is one of eclecticism, rather than predictability. When delving into blogs or photography books, I’d rather be surprised and not know what to expect. If there is a common factor in Renaissance, it’s simply that I shoot to evoke an impression, not a precise record of a scene at a specific moment. An approach of recreating the mood or ambience evident to me when shooting: to paraphrase Ansel Adams “it’s about ‘making’ rather than ‘taking’ photographs”.

Feature: the peaceful scene below is tailor-made for ‘Staying Sound With Vision’, a short essay about wellness through photography. To read, just click on the image.

Meditation by Coumshingaun Lough in Comeragh Mountains, County Waterford, Ireland
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