County Waterford is unique; a county with the oldest city in Ireland; pretty fishing ports; a 19th Century mining legacy; prehistoric artifacts; ancient castles and charming villages. A wonderful heritage just waiting to be explored.

It’s not hard to imagine my delight on completing the project, when Dervla Murphy, the remarkable travel writer best known for her 1965 book  Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, and a native of Waterford, agreed to write the foreword. When she sadly passed away in 2022, aged 90, Michael D Higgins, the President of Ireland, said of her, “Her contribution to writing, and to travel writing in particular, had a unique commitment to the value of human experience in all its diversity.”

The book is available in soft or hardback, with 160 lavishly illustrated pages in a convenient 10″X8″ format. Getting the book couldn’t be easier, all that’s required is a short online visit and the book can be sent directly to yourself or distant family and friends. Just click the following link: Waterford Revealed Bookstore for details.   You’ll be in good company, here’s a few comments from readers:

  • Fab Book” said the Copper Coast Geopark.
  • “Lovely book” said Waterford artist, Orlaith Hamersley.
  • “A beautiful publication” complimented Waterford Blogger Catherine Drea.
  • “A Fantastic Book” from Shane O’Neill, photographer extraordinaire…

And a few page screen-grabs to whet the appetite…

And finally a short video of The Déise as the county is also called…

All Images in this website are copyright: ©George Munday, 2020, and may not be used without the prior permission of the copyright holder.

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