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  • Megalithic Dolmen

    Megalithic Dolmen

    The sun sets eerily behind the Knockeen Portal Tomb, a megalith near Tramore in County Waterford, Ireland. Over 3.5 metres high, it’s the largest dolmen in County Waterford and one of the finest examples in Ireland, albeit unclear exactly what it was used for…

  • Gateway


    One of those locations in the campo, I frequently return to. The silhouetted gateway, solitary olive tree and distant mountains, all enhanced by the evening light just keeps on producing iconic interpretations of the Spanish countryside…

  • Spiritual 1

    Spiritual 1

    It was just like on the occasion of my first glimpse of the Rock of Cashel in Ireland’s County Tipperary, in 1979, an image still etched in a corner of my brain. It took a while, 30 years in fact, before I could recreate that first impression…