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  • Rescue


    A lifeboat under a somewhat enhanced super moon over the Irish Sea, returns to it’s base in Clogher Head, a fishing village on the County Louth coast in Ireland.

  • Spiritual 1

    Spiritual 1

    It was just like on the occasion of my first glimpse of the Rock of Cashel in Ireland’s County Tipperary, in 1979, an image still etched in a corner of my brain. It took a while, 30 years in fact, before I could recreate that first impression…

  • Wild Beauty

    Wild Beauty

    One man and his dog on a stormy beach next to Bunmahon, a coastal village in County Waterford, Ireland. During the 19th century, it was a mining village mostly for copper and hard to believe but just inland from the headland in the pic’s background the deepest shaft dropped some 1,000 feet, before extending out…

  • Morning Walk

    Morning Walk

    …in Dunmore East, a fishing village situated on the west side of the entrance to Waterford Harbour on Ireland’s southeastern coast. The area lies within the barony of Gaultier, aka Gáll Tír in Irish which translates into “foreigners’ land”, a reference to the influx of Viking and Norman settlers there.

  • The Secret Garden Gate

    The Secret Garden Gate

    Surrounded by lush wild growth, a neglected and rusty, grey garden gate, hints at bucolic green glades beyond… More about Ireland’s County Waterford

  • The Copper Mines….

    The Copper Mines….

    The Waterford coast between Fenor and Stradbally has been sporadically mined since ancient times. When the commercial exploitation of copper deposits near Bunmahon began in 1824, the tiny village grew into a town of 2,000 people with shops and 20 pubs.

  • The Copper Coast

    The Copper Coast

    High seas, a rugged coastline and sunset merge to create a dramatic seascape, viewed from where ore was shipped from the copper mine situated in the Geopark to waiting ships: more details in tomorrow’s post…

  • The Spectrum and the Flame

    The Spectrum and the Flame

    Votive candles and the color spectrum of contemporary stained glass in semi-darkness, bring light to the Black Abbey in the Irish county of Kilkenny.

  • 40 Shades of Green

    40 Shades of Green

    In these days of inexpensive travel, it seems nearly everyone has been nearly everywhere – and only exciting and distant places are worth photographing. But travel is also about what we feel, people we meet and experiences, even in, especially in, our own backyard…

  • Moonlight on the Water

    Moonlight on the Water

    Night walkers on a section of the Beara Way on Bere Island off the Beara Peninsula in County Cork, Ireland. Located in a large, deep natural bay, the island has been an important strategic navel location since the eighteenth century, when French fleets entered the inlet with troops to support Irish rebellions on several occasions.

  • Black Castle and Black Skies…

    Black Castle and Black Skies…

    Black Castle in Leighlinsbridge, Ireland was founded c.1181 by Lord Hugh de Lacy to defend the strategic crossing of the River Barrow after taking the surrounding lands from Irish clans.

  • Solitude


    “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong,” said Winston Churchill

  • Oystercatchers…


    From an earlier life, living on the Copper Coast in Ireland’s County Waterford. Ballydowane cove was my daily lunchtime go-to place, whatever the weather. The more stormy, the more enjoyable it was. The birds liked it too because big waves disturb the shore exposing more tasty treats. As did the horseman on my first blog…

  • The Murder Window

    The Murder Window

    A lone visitor enters the gatehouse of Castle Roche, a brooding hilltop ruin harbouring a little known tale of an ambitious and ruthless 13th century woman who would stop at nothing …

  • Wind Sculpture

    Wind Sculpture

    Hawthorn silhouetted against shafting evening sun, from “Waterford A County Revealed”

  • Castle by Moonlight

    Castle by Moonlight

    Looking like the archetypal haunted castle, Kilkea is located in County Kildare, Ireland, a medieval stronghold of the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Kildare.

  • Dawn Walk

    Dawn Walk

    An early summer morning stroll below sculptural street lamps lining the promenade in Tramore, a seaside town in County Waterford, on the southeast coast of Ireland. With humble origins as a small fishing village, it saw rapid development upon the arrival of the railway from Waterford City in 1853 attracting visitors from Dublin in summer…