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  • Summer Solstice

    Summer Solstice

    Today is the Summer Solstice. A day that’s been observed in Ireland for thousands of years…

  • The Celtic Sea

    The Celtic Sea

    The gleaming Celtic Sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean located off of the southern coast of Ireland was named by an English marine biologist (no less) in 1921 during a meeting of fisheries experts. Nearby Celtic regions have their own names for it; in Irish it’s “An Mhuir Cheilteach”, in Welsh “Y Môr Celtaidd”, Cornish:…

  • Shabby Door…

    Shabby Door…

    From the venerable door of the President, to the Pollack like, shabby chic of the old door to a deserted cottage at Faugheen, near my old home village of Bunmahon in Ireland’s County Waterford.

  • Bóithre nua-aimseartha na hÉireann

    Bóithre nua-aimseartha na hÉireann

    The contemporary roads of Ireland. Not yet a refuge for wildlife, but caught in the right light the ring road around Waterford City has a 21st century graphic ambience…

  • Seanbhóithre na hÉireann

    Seanbhóithre na hÉireann

    Or the old roads of Ireland. Boreens, the early roads that criss-crossed the island of Ireland.

  • Morning Walk

    Morning Walk

    …in Dunmore East, a fishing village situated on the west side of the entrance to Waterford Harbour on Ireland’s southeastern coast. The area lies within the barony of Gaultier, aka Gáll Tír in Irish which translates into “foreigners’ land”, a reference to the influx of Viking and Norman settlers there.

  • The Secret Garden Gate

    The Secret Garden Gate

    Surrounded by lush wild growth, a neglected and rusty, grey garden gate, hints at bucolic green glades beyond… More about Ireland’s County Waterford

  • Oystercatchers…


    From an earlier life, living on the Copper Coast in Ireland’s County Waterford. Ballydowane cove was my daily lunchtime go-to place, whatever the weather. The more stormy, the more enjoyable it was. The birds liked it too because big waves disturb the shore exposing more tasty treats. As did the horseman on my first blog…

  • Wind Sculpture

    Wind Sculpture

    Hawthorn silhouetted against shafting evening sun, from “Waterford A County Revealed”