“Flights of Fantasy” has been a long time in the making and can best be described as an illustrated memoir of a life during and between, the two World Wars.

George Munday was born in Ramsgate, a fishing port on the south-east English coast. His father was skipper on the wooden fishing smack on which young George spent his summer days. And a stroke of luck that Louis Blériot flew over during the first airplane flight across the English Channel in 1909. It was an early brush with aviation that became a life-changing moment and one often reflected in his art.

Near the end of the Great War, George re-located to Liverpool. During the train journey north, he met “Iggy”, an RFC pilot, who became a life long friend. With a yearning to fly, George’s attempts to join the RAF at the onset of the Second World War, but he was too old and joined the Auxiliary Fire Service just before the onset of the Liverpool Blitz. Somehow he managed to survive the bombing, despite the Luftwaffe .

Now his story is complete. A miscellany in which historic facts are correct, but fact and fantasy have been merged to give colour and atmosphere to the life-changing events of the 20th Century for an ordinary man living through extraordinary times…