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  • The Secret Garden Gate

    The Secret Garden Gate

    Surrounded by lush wild growth, a neglected and rusty, grey garden gate, hints at bucolic green glades beyond… More about Ireland’s County Waterford

  • The Copper Coast

    The Copper Coast

    High seas, a rugged coastline and sunset merge to create a dramatic seascape, viewed from where ore was shipped from the copper mine situated in the Geopark to waiting ships: more details in tomorrow’s post…

  • Old and Patinated

    Old and Patinated

    Tocco da Casauria in the Province of Pescara in the Abruzzo region of Central Italy…

  • The Spectrum and the Flame

    The Spectrum and the Flame

    Votive candles and the color spectrum of contemporary stained glass in semi-darkness, bring light to the Black Abbey in the Irish county of Kilkenny.

  • Hands and Molecules

    Hands and Molecules

    A disused power station glimpsed through a sculpture of a pair of giant hands emerging from the ground to cradle the molecules.

  • 40 Shades of Green

    40 Shades of Green

    In these days of inexpensive travel, it seems nearly everyone has been nearly everywhere – and only exciting and distant places are worth photographing. But travel is also about what we feel, people we meet and experiences, even in, especially in, our own backyard…

  • Napoleon’s Legacy…

    Napoleon’s Legacy…

    Old and beautiful Plane trees lining a road between vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon, France.

  • Black Castle and Black Skies…

    Black Castle and Black Skies…

    Black Castle in Leighlinsbridge, Ireland was founded c.1181 by Lord Hugh de Lacy to defend the strategic crossing of the River Barrow after taking the surrounding lands from Irish clans.

  • The Balcon de Europa

    The Balcon de Europa

    The rain in Spain, seems to have wandered off the plains to the coast, creating a very moody Balcón de Europa. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, from Nerja, originally it was the site of a 9th century watchtower built to monitor the coastline, protecting against pirates until it gradually fell apart from fighting and the elements.

  • “I am not a number”

    “I am not a number”

    The beautiful beach that appeared in “The Prisoner”, a cult TV series launched on British TV screens in 1966, in Canada the following year and in the USA in 1968. The story followed a British secret agent (Patrick McGoohan), who, after angrily resigning from his job prepares to make a hurried departure from the country…

  • La Boveda..

    La Boveda..

    Sitting on a rocky prominence, the Old Town in Salobreña is a cluster of whitewashed houses and steep narrow streets leading up to a tenth-century Moorish castle, called ‘Castillo de Salobreña’.

  • Solitude


    “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong,” said Winston Churchill

  • The Blues

    The Blues
  • Dawn Walk

    Dawn Walk

    An early summer morning stroll below sculptural street lamps lining the promenade in Tramore, a seaside town in County Waterford, on the southeast coast of Ireland. With humble origins as a small fishing village, it saw rapid development upon the arrival of the railway from Waterford City in 1853 attracting visitors from Dublin in summer…