The Spectrum and the Flame

Votive candles and the color spectrum of contemporary stained glass in semi-darkness, bring light to the Black Abbey in the Irish county of Kilkenny; the name was derived from the term “Black Friars” to describe members of the Dominican Order and the black cloak worn by monks over their white habits. Founded in 1225 byContinue reading “The Spectrum and the Flame”

40 Shades of Green

In these days of inexpensive travel, it seems nearly everyone has been nearly everywhere – and only exciting and distant places are worth photographing. But travel is also about what we feel, people we meet and experiences, even in, especially in, our own backyard…

“I am not a number”

The beautiful beach that appeared in “The Prisoner”, a cult TV series launched on British TV screens in 1966, in Canada the following year and in the USA in 1968. The story followed a British secret agent (Patrick McGoohan), who, after angrily resigning from his job prepares to make a hurried departure from the countryContinue reading ““I am not a number””