The Bright Fort

A return to the past with Cahergall Stone Fort, near Cahirciveen on the Ring of Kerry, in south west Ireland. The name Cahergall comes from the Gaelic words, Chathair Gheal, which means “The Bright Fort”.

Ring forts are difficult to date as they are often multi-period sites, it appears this dry-stone walled ring fort probably dates from late Iron Age or early Medival period.

The walls, with several stairways all along the inner side, are 5 metres thick at the base. Inside the fort which was recently partially reconstructed can be seen the remains of a circular stone house.

Traditionally their circular remains were associated with fairies and leprechauns, and called “Fairy Forts” imbued with druid’s magic and believers in the fairies did not alter them. The early pre-Celtic inhabitants of Ireland, known as the Tuatha De Danaan and Fir Bolg, came to be seen as mythical and were associated with stories of fairies, also known as the “Good People”. Fairy forts and prehistoric Tumuli were seen as entrances to their world.

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