Waterford Revealed

The county is colloquially known as “The Déise” and pronounced “day-shih” after an Irish Tribe called the  Déisi, who were driven from counties Meath and Kildare area some time between the 4th and 8th centuries. They moved into the Waterford region, conquering and settling there – just like me some nine centuries later.

Following a lifetime in County Meath bringing up kids, and co-directing the Slidefile stock agency, the move to a house just metres from a clifftop overlooking the Celtic Sea was inspiring. Friendly and welcoming neighbours and an incredibly photogenic beach nearby, it was a completely accidental, but wonderful discovery.

It may be compact county, but it boasts two mountain ranges; the oldest city in Ireland; pretty fishing ports; a 19th Century mining legacy; prehistoric artifacts; ancient castles and charming villages. All in all, a wonderful heritage just waiting to be explored – and that’s what I did, revealing it a wider audience in my self published book.

And today’s image of the view from the Mahon Falls to the Celtic Sea, became the book cover…

You can read more about it if desired by clicking here, along with details of the redoubtable Dervla Murphy, and if the book takes your fancy, where to get a copy.

And to finish, the film-noir version of the county’s hinterland…

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