The Tour Barberousse

Or Redbeard’s Tower in English, stands above the coastal village of Gruissan in the Aude départment of France.

The tower is all that remains of a castle built at the end of the 10th century to observe the approaches to the harbour at Narbonne and to guard against seaborne invasions of the city by the Saracens. Built on a steep, rocky hill, the castle was enlarged in the 12th century by the Archbishops of Narbonne, Guillaume de Broa.

In the 16th century it was dismantled on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu, the French clergyman and statesman aka “the Red Eminence” derived from the title “Eminence” applied to cardinals and the red robes they customarily wore.

Today, the village of Gruissan surrounds the castle remains. The view from the castle site over the village and surrounding coastline is quite spectacular.

The shadow on the wall btw, is about as near as I get to a selfie!

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