Silver Water Droplets

Low winter sunlight cutting through the trees pierces the water droplets over the fountain in the Millenium Park in Lismore in County Waterford, Ireland. The town is renowned for its early ecclesiastical history and the imposing Lismore Castle overlooking the town and the Blackwater valley.

Originally built following the arrival of Henry II’s son, Prince John, in the twelfth century, the fortress was a bishop’s palace up to the sixteenth century, then owned by Sir Walter Raleigh until his demise, when it was sold to Richard Boyle, First Earl of Cork – the epitome of the Elizabethan adventurer-colonist in Ireland.

In 1627 the castle was the birthplace of the First Earl’s most famous son, Robert Boyle (of Boyle’s Law), known as the “Father of Modern Chemistry”. The castle remained in the possession of the Boyle family until it was acquired through marriage by the fourth Duke of Devonshire, who continue to own the fortress.

Dervla Murphy, in the study of her Lismore home.

An even more notable resident born and still living in the town is Dervla Murphy, the internationally renowned travel writer who wrote “Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle. Dervla was kind enough to write the foreword to my book “Waterford, A County Revealed”, in which more Lismore images can be found.

Why not take a look? all details can be found here.

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