Pub Culture

Pub culture – or bar culture, it’s not the same everywhere …

Take French bar culture for instance. For the price of a drink – alcoholic or not – you can just sit at a table at an outdoor cafe in any town in France and watch the world go by for as long as you’d like. Indeed it’s a common sight to see French people alone at a table, engrossed in a book with a half-litre of wine in a pichet in front of them.

The location of today’s post is the village of Mèze on the north-western coast of the Etang de Thau, in the Occitanie region of France. It’s still an active fishing town and a pleasant place for a stroll with lots of narrow streets to explore in the old town, where tucked away in a little square is the quintessentially French, Juliam’s Bar, glowing like an oasis under the darkening Mediterranean skies.

A bit too late for reading, but lovely to sip a glass of chilled vin blanc after a dish of oysters.

A la vôtre!


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