Gruaig Rua…

The quintessential red hair of Irish actress and model, Sharon Twomey.

I had the pleasure of working with her on a travel brochure which entailed a weekend in Torremolinos, a little way down the coast from where I’m writing. It was a most enjoyable assignment, because accompanying us was Jan de Fouw, one of a small group of Dutch designers working in Ireland. 

Jan and I had been introduced by Elizabeth Healy, then editor of the Irish Tourist Board’s journal, “Ireland of the Welcomes”. As the magazine’s graphic designer he applied the Bauhaus design principles he’d learned at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague; and as a superb artist he also contributed many line and wash drawings, lino and wood cuts and light-hearted cartoons to illustrate the magazine’s features. Sadly Jan died about seven years ago.

Jan and I interviewed a plethora of models before the assignment, and Sharon stood out as the most suitable for the brief. A little after returning to Dublin, Sharon asked me to shoot her portfolio, a session that led to some pretty interesting work for her, but more on that in tomorrow’s post…

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