Liverpool Folk

“Liverpool One” shopping centre has taken over part of the city centre featuring remnants of old warehouses that served the south docks, and flattened sites that as kids, we used to call “the debris” – remnants of World War Two’s Blitz.

The people in the complex spaced out, together in one place, yet apart, even in pre-covid days, reminded me a little of those painted by the artist, L S Lowry.

Alive in the mid-20th century, he chose to paint scenes of life in the industrial areas of the North of England, landscapes of drab textile mills and factory chimneys. But most have now gone. Those that remain converted into apartments.

It got me wondering: if with so little of his industrial locations still standing, would Lowry with his distinctive style of painting scenes peopled with “matchstick men” human figures, have opted for more contemporary aspects of life?

Who knows?


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