Market Interlude

The Sunday Flea Market in Saint Leon sur Vezere, Dorgogne, France is a popular and busy affair and borrowing a pose from “Whistler’s Mother”, one old lady takes a break from the haggling.

Saint-Leon-sur-Vezere in the Vezere valley between Montignac and Les-Eyzies, is one of the Les Plus Beaux Village de France. The beautiful village set in a curve in the Vézere River, has the typical charm and authenticity of the medieval villages of the Black Perigord, with its warm white stones, its coyaux roofs, its labyrinth of narrow streets and the presence of the river.

An inland port because boats from the Atlantic port at Bordeaux could go no further up the Vézère River as the waters became progressively shallower, goods were offloaded in the little town. Salt, grains, plaster, earthenware, and exotic foodstuffs were moved back and forth from Bordeaux to this part of France. In the mid-19th century, fully half of the village’s 1,500 inhabitants were engaged one way or another in the activities of the port, but it didn’t last long and by 1880, railroads had become the more common and economical way to transport goods, so the port closed its operations…


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