Morning Walk

…in Dunmore East, a fishing village situated on the west side of the entrance to Waterford Harbour on Ireland’s southeastern coast. The area lies within the barony of Gaultier, aka Gáll Tír in Irish which translates into “foreigners’ land”, a reference to the influx of Viking and Norman settlers there.

Waterford Harbour is a natural harbour at the mouth of the Three Sister rivers; the River Nore, the River Suir and the River Barrow, on which is New Ross is Ireland’s only inland port, located 32 kilometres (20 miles) upriver from the sea.

With dawn breaking over Dunmore East a couple take an early morning walk along the harbour wall and watch marine traffic. But time and tide waits for no man, woman or ship, so the distant coastal freighter waits for deep water – and the crew twiddle their thumbs – or maybe read a little more about the history and sights of Waterford Harbour described in my book “Waterford, A County Revealed”; in which the colour version of morning walk was to be included, but never quite made the final edit.

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