Moonlight on the Water

Night walkers on a section of the Beara Way on Bere Island off the Beara Peninsula in County Cork, Ireland. Located in a large, deep natural bay, the island has been an important strategic navel location since the eighteenth century, when French fleets entered the inlet with troops to support Irish rebellions on several occasions.

In response, the British built round defensive towers called Martello Towers, two of which are still to be seen on the island today. It wasn’t enough so they built t he Lonehort Battery consisting of three guns, ammunition stores, watchtowers, barracks and a 15- foot dry moat around the fort which meant it could only be accessed by a small foot bridge. Like many military establishments it was never used.

Bere Island remained under the control of the British Military during the first World War. In 1922, the British withdrew from most of Ireland under the Anglo-Irish treaty apart from the Deepwater Treaty Ports. The official handover of Fort Berehaven, Bere Island took place in 1938. And the Lonehort Battery, it’s is still owned and maintained by the Irish Department of Defence,.

The Beara Way is one of Ireland’s most unique hiking trails. Unsurprisingly, it can feel like you are the only hikers on the trail…


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