La Boveda..

Sitting on a rocky prominence, the Old Town in Salobreña is a cluster of whitewashed houses and steep narrow streets leading up to a tenth-century Moorish castle, called ‘Castillo de Salobreña’.

la Boveda aka the Vault, a semicircular structure and part of the old fortified wall connected the Muslim living area or “Albaycín” to the “Medina” commercial area of the town. The doorway on the left would have been the only secondary entrance into the fortified town and used to bring in supplies.

The date of construction is unknown but in all probability it came into being in the 16th century when Our Lady of the Rosary Church and its respective atrium were built above la Boveda. The church tower is turreted in typical Mudejar style as is the retained entrance door ◄◄ decorated with ornate tiles.

Now the atmospheric and ancient passageway is just part of someone’s dog-walking route…


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