Dawn Walk

An early summer morning stroll below sculptural street lamps lining the promenade in Tramore, a seaside town in County Waterford, on the southeast coast of Ireland.

With humble origins as a small fishing village, it saw rapid development upon the arrival of the railway from Waterford City in 1853 attracting visitors from Dublin in summer and closer to home all year-round. In what’s known as the “sunny south east”, today the town is a popular destination for surfing and other water sports due to its large, sheltered bay and amenities.

Just one of the photographs of Tramore to be seen in “Waterford, A County Revealed”, along with most County Waterford, Interested? then you can read all about it here.

2 responses to “Dawn Walk”

  1. A lovely sky. If it were me, I’d clone out the vapour trail. But I’m sure you could have guessed I’d say that! -:)


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