Recognising George’s artistic abilities at a very early age, his teacher presented him with a little box of watercolours after an unanticipated meeting in Ramsgate. He used them for the rest of his life and they served him well, especially when trying to relax during the nerve-wracking down time between air raids at the fire station.

Gradually the cardboard box disintegrated and to be replaced; like the old story of converting swords into ploughshares. Prior to the outbreak of war, the government feared the possible use of poison gas. Among the gear issued to firemen were tins of anti-gas ointment for use on skin contaminated by Mustard Gas. Happily it never happened and George’s tin box was recycled to house the small selection of water colours used while painting.

His minimalist approach was probably influenced by financial considerations, but he managed with a small colour palette, sometimes sketching in monochrome with pen, Indian Iink and wash.

So for art and aviation lovers, “Flights of Fantasy” has close to a hundred slightly naive paintings and sketches illustrating George’s natural skills. While shops remain closed during lock down , the book can be obtained from the publisher, World of Creative Dreams and Amazon UK. (just click on the links)

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