It was pure luck that George and Iggy bumped into each other in that well known Liverpool pub, the Philharmonic. Iggy, now in the newly created Royal Air Force made up from the Royal Flying Corps (RFC and Royal Navy Air Service (RNAS) was a flying instructor at Hooton airfield on the Wirral, and the guys often met up and chatted about aviation.

Then after war finished, he disappeared from George’s life for some considerable time until he reappeared a long time later. Both older and wiser, the friendship continued as before, with different life styles and new aircraft to discuss…

A Vought XSB2U-1 Vindicator, an American carrier-based dive bomber developed in the 1930 and the first monoplane in this role.

Following on from the rapid progress during the Great War, the development of new aircraft had slowed, until the threat of another war galvanized yet more activity. And as the 30s came to a gradual end, a second World War appeared to be looming in the distant future…

Read more about new developments in their life stories in Flights of Fantasy, now available worldwide from World of Creative Dreams and Amazon – but only in the UK.

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