The lead character of “Flights of Fantasy” was born in Ramsgate, where his father was skipper on a fishing smack. While out on the boat one summer morning, George had an early brush with aviation when the French pilot, Louis Blériot, flew over him during the first airplane flight across the English Channel.

That never-to-be-forgotten moment laid the foundation for a life long interest in aviation, reflecting the pioneering days of flying in his art – created on any available paper…

Albatros D.V fighter aircraft used by the Imperial German Air Service during World War I. ©George Munday

It was during a train journey when George and his family re-located from Ramsgate to Liverpool, that he met “Iggy”, an RFC pilot. Through a series of coincidences and a shared interest in aviation they became firm friends, sharing life, drinks, experiences and stories whilst drifting in and out of each others lives for years until one of them went west…

Their life stories can be read in Flights of Fantasy, the book is available from the publisher, World of Creative Dreams and from Amazon UK.

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