Except from the book: “During training, we learned how the hose is fitted to a hydrant to access the mains water supply below the road. In the event of a distant water source, two lengths of hose are coupled together using instantaneous couplings, described as male and female. Younger and perhaps more innocent firemen in those days – and later fire-women – occasionally asked why” … and were featured in my dad’s cartoons.

I can emphasise with the red faces because prior to Christmas, the feeds posted directly from my website/blog about my about-to-be-published book, “Flights of Fantasy”, gave incorrect information, as a result of the on-going effects of the COVID 19 pendemic. Honestly, who apart from bacteriologists and their ilk knew COVID would last so long?

I also felt the layout of my website/blog needed to be re-organised, which meant those earlier posts would link to a black hole in cyber space. So, rather than add confusion, I decided to delete the earlier posts, and start again, with relevant up-to-date information and correct links on the new blog posts…

To new viewers, welcome. More information about my books, links and photography can be seen on my website here. Thank you and enjoy…

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