“…some thirty years ago, whilst emptying the family home, I climbed into the dark, rarely-ventured-into loft and found an old tea-chest. A second sense told me to rummage through it and at the bottom, below a stack of vintage magazines, was a cardboard box.

Opening it in the bright light of day, I found two books, an AFS Training Manual, in which wartime cartoons were sketched and between the yellowing pages of an old, dog-eared hard-backed exercise book were the watercolours and sketches of aircraft, landscapes and other eclectic subjects. Artworks, I thought were lost…

It was the archive from which Flights of Fantasy was created and now in the bookshops. The one-time fledgling book is fully grown and taking its first flight over Liverpool, landing to absorb the city’s life, culture and tribulations.

“… Issued with a steel helmet, belt pouch, overalls, cap, boots, macintosh, respirator and an axe, we looked like AFS firemen. Sometimes we even talked like AFS firemen. Training in readiness for a live fire situation, we learned how the hose is fitted to the hydrant, giving access to the mains water supply below the road. In the event of the water source being more than a hundred feet from the fire, two lengths of hose are coupled together using special instantaneous couplings, described as male and female.”

“Younger and perhaps more innocent firemen – and later fire-women – asked why they were called ‘male and female’. Paddy, a natural comedian is generally the first to add to their embarrassment – and our amusement. But the funny side wasn’t to last. The predictions made by the Duty Officer when I first went into Abingdon Road came to fruition a week ago when the German Air Force dropped the first of countless bombs on Birkenhead and Wallasey on the Wirral…”

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